分会秘书长:北京林业大学生态与自然保护学院 丁长青/100083, Tel 010-62336869,

The World Pheasant Association (WPA) will hold a symposium on the conservation and sustainable management of all species of Galliformes, with a special emphasis on threatened species and their habitats at Taman Safari, Prigen, East Java from 9 -13 October 2023.  
The objective is to hold a major gathering of all those with an interest in Galliformes and the conservation of these birds and their habitats. Invited and contributed oral presentations, posters with short talks, discussion seminars and technical workshops may fit any of the following topics:
• Ecology and conservation of the species and their habitats in Indonesia and in other range states around the world. Habitat degradation, fragmentation, climate change, forest management and genomics are cutting edge topics
• Ecological studies of threatened species
• Implementing and monitoring management actions and protected areas
• Conservation breeding of rare species, management, welfare in captivity
• Genetics and taxonomy
• Techniques: - Designing and carrying out field projects - Analysing and communicating results - Managing captive populations - Developing, implementing and monitoring recovery programmes

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